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Collective FAQs regarding shared migration

Shared Hosting Migration ... For a Better Experience!

After months working behind the scene preparing our new enterprise cloud infrastructure and new shared hosting and VPS hosting solutions, we have come to the point that we will migrate all shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS customers. We have prepared this FAQ page to help our customers understand and better prepare for this migration. Should you have any further questions/concerns, please submit a ticket from your account control panel.


Until your account is migrated, you will continue log in to the old HSphere control panels: Fluid Hosting (FH) cluster or Nozonenet (NZ) cluster.
We understand that people do not like change. But while your current plan may work well for you, we believe that this migration is still necessary. The old shared hosting infrastructure is aging. More importantly, HSphere is no longer being developed since 2013. As time goes, the current HSphere infrastructure has become more and more obsolete. Plesk is one of the most commonly used hosting environment in the market with active developers and community supporting it. We believe that Plesk will enable our customers to keep up with the demands of the modern web.
There are quite a few differences:

System/Control Panel: The new shared hosting environment are build around Plesk Control Panel. Plesk is one of the most actively used and developed control panel in the market. The latest Plesk Onyx gives you modern look and user experience. One fundamental difference between HSphere and Plesk is that HSphere is a cluster-based hosting environement where services are distributed among different servers. With HSphere, the mail server and database server, for example, are on separate servers from the web server. With Plesk, your web, mail, and database services will be served on the same Plesk server node. Both of these approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. At this moment, Plesk also has Multi Server cluster and is working towards clustering solution that we may use in the future. For more about Plesk, please visit their website.

Infrastructure: Underlying our Plesk nodes are our new enterprise Cloud infrastructure powered by Virtuozzo 7 and Virtuozzo Distributed Storage. The cloud infrastructure provides N+1 redundancy and scalability to each of the Plesk nodes. This allows us to deliver enterprise cloud expereince to all shared hosting customers.

Resource: The new hosting plan comes with more generous resources. In fact, for a limited time, we are offering unlimited everything (unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited database) on our Premium plan. One of the main differences between the old and the new hosting plans is the way you can make use of the storage. For example, under the old hosting plan, you only receive a fixed storage for each database (e.g., 250 MB). If your database requires additional storage, you will have to purchase additional storage. On the new hosting plans, your database is not limited to any particular size. The only time you will pay for additional storage is if you exceed your total account storage.

Other features: Other differences include free integrated CloudFlare ServerShield+ Advanced for added Security and CDN feature, free 2048-bit Let's Encrypt DV SSL (great for personal websites and sites needing basic SSL functionality), Softaculous one-click Apps-install, Dropbox Backup (backup your files to your own Dropbox account!), and many others. On top of these, we offer latest PHP, ASP/ASP.Net, MySQL, and MSSQL. To learn more, please visit our Cloud Shared Hosting page.
Yes, all shared hosting and shared hosting reseller customers will be migrated. At this moment, however, we are planning for the migration of all shared hosting customers only. Migration plan of all shared hosting reseller customers will come after.
No, Fluid Hosting is not being sold. And neither is there a change in the management. You will also continue to have our friendly staff. The only change there is our renewed commitment to our customers by offering our customers much better services.

Migration Plan

We plan to have all customers migrated to the new hosting plan through two steps. First, from now until June 30th, 2017 we let our customers voluntary migrate their accounts themselves for an incentive (see billing section below). The second migration window will start on/after July 1st, 2017 where we will perform mass migration for the remaining customers.
You will need to signup for the new account. Please choose one of the new shared hosting plans. And since the new hosting platform is different/separate from the old one, please make sure you register as a new customer. Once your new account is created, you will be ready to do the migration.
You will need to copy all of your web files from your old account to the new account. Please note that Plesk has a different directory structure than HSphere. If your scripts and images use relative path, the difference in directory sturcture should not affect you. Otherwise, please make sure you switch to using relative path to make sure your scripts and images to work.

Once you have completed migration of all web files, you will have your web files served by two servers (the old HSphere server and the new Plesk server). After making sure that your website works on the new server, you can start changing your DNS. The new DNS servers are ( and ( Until the DNS change has fully propagated, your visitors may reach your website on the old server as well as on the new server. Thus, from your visitor's perpspective, your website will continue to be up during this DNS change.

A further careful planning needs to be done if your website runs on a database. In this case, prior to the DNS change you will need to shut down your website temporarily to make sure the integrity of your database while it is beings migrated. Once your database is migrated, have your website on the old account remotely connect to the database on the new account. This ensures that any changes done to your website during DNS propagation will be done on the new server.

For more information, please visit our knowledgebase article here.
You will need to create mailboxes on the new account corresponding to the mailboxes on the old account. Once this is done, the mailbox contents can be migrated easily using IMAP. We have complied a knowledgebase article that details this procedure here.
Yes, the new Plesk environment will have different IP blocks. Thus, all shared and dedicated IP will change.
We have compiled knowledge base articles concerning this migration, specifically. In addition, we also have many knowledgebase articles on the new Plesk system. And if you still have further question or in need of any further assistance, simply open a support ticket from your account control panel; our friendly support staff are just a reach away.


You will not be forced to switch to our new hosting plan. We will honor all existing agreement. If, for whatever reason, you prefer to keep your old plan, we will migrate your account to the new platform while keeping your plan. Migration for all customers who would prefer to keep their current plans will commence on/after July 1st. At this moment you do not need to do anything. Please note that there will be no incentive give for you in this case (see more below).
From now until June 30th, 2017, we are giving incentive of three-month service credit (based on the new hosting plan) for customers who will voluntary migrate their account themselves. Our support staff are standing by to assist you. For this migration proess, we can assist you with your migration and waive the migration fee. But please note that this will void the service credit incentive. To be elligible for this service credit, customers must complete their migration and close the old account by June 30th, 2017. Our mass migation will start on/after July 1st, 2017, following this voluntary migration window.
After you complete your migration and request termination of your old account (must be done by June 30th, 2017), simply submit a ticket. Upon closing your old account, we will issue the three-month service credit to your new account.
We will prorate your old account at the time of its termination and will issue a service credit on your new hosting account for all unused hosting period on your old account.

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