How to migrate your website manually from hsphere to plesk

This article will show you how to migrate your website from hsphere to plesk using FTP and other tools. The main task in migrating a website is to move the files. You can move these files using a FTP program like filezilla. Sites using CMS and more complex websites are database driven and have MySQL Databases. So we need to migrate these database too. This article will show you both.


Step 1 – Plan


It’s  much easier to move your website if you preplan the whole migration process. Collect all the required information before proceeding such as

Domain names

FTP login details

Database details

Email account details

You also need a ftp client like filezilla and make sure you have access to all files


Step 2 – Downloading files


1) Download & Open FileZilla.

2. Enter your Host, Username, Password, and Port in the quick connect bar.

3) Click quickconnect

4)Downloading files

 In the Remote pane, navigate to the folder where the files you want to download reside.

 In the Local pane, navigate to the folder where you want the files to reside.

Select the files to download and drag-and-drop them from the remote to the local pane. The files will be added to the transfer queue at the bottom of the window. Or select the folder you want download right click and click download


Step 3 - MySQL Database backup

For this, you will need access to phpmyadmin to generate the export. 

1. Log into phpmyadmin

2. On the left side, click the database that your WordPress uses *

3. Click 'Export' at the top, and select all
Select save as file and select compression as zipped

 Click 'go' on the export page and the SQL file will download Now you have both the webfiles, and the database. The next step is uploading all of this to your hosting with us.


Step 4 – Uploading files

 Compress the files you downloaded into a single file then upload the files to plesk.

Step 5 – Exporting the mysql backup

Create a database in plesk. Use the same name and crentials you used in your plesk. To know how to create a database follow this article



To restore the database

Go to Websites & Domains > Databases > Import Dump

select Upload and click Browse. Then  Select the backof of sql you creted from  hsphere


Step 6 - Migrate Your E-mail


We have already another article for doing this Link

Step 7 - Test your Website




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