Create and Manage FTP accounts

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to upload a website to your server. This includes the transfer of many files at a time and using a dedicated FTP program is the best way to do that. FTP can also useful if you want to give out access to a specific folder on your server, without allowing access to the full server.

To begin using 
FTP, you need to create a user account. Once the account is created, you can log into your website with an FTP client such as FileZilla or CuteFTP 

To create a new/multiple FTP users in Plesk:

✪ Log into your control panel.

✪ Click on the 'Websites & Domains'.

✪ Click on the 'FTP access'.

✪ Click on the 'Add an FTP Account'.

✪ Fill all the details.

         FTP account name. Type a desired name.
           Home directory. Select the directory to which the user will be taken when he or she connects to the FTP account.
           FTP password.

✪ Click OK.

To change the properties of an additional FTP account:


Go to Websites & Domains and click FTP Access.

✪ Click the required FTP account name in the list.

✪ Make the required changes and click OK.


To remove an additional FTP account:


✪ Go to Websites & Domains and click FTP Access.

✪ Select the checkbox corresponding to the FTP account you want to remove and click Remove.

Note that the main FTP account of a subscription cannot be removed.

✪ Confirm removal and click OK.

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