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Website Hosting Services
Fluid Hosting provides a wide range of website hosting services including Shared Hosting, Dual Platform Reseller Hosting, virtual private servers, and server colocation.

Powerful Servers
Fluid Hosting utilizes the highest quality of equipment. For the best performance and reliability, all of our servers are powered by Dell PowerEdge rackmount servers and are equipped with multiple quad-core Intel Xeon processors, up to 96 GB of server-grade registered DDR3 RAM and an EqualLogic iSCSI SAN. This simply means that your website and application will run reliably at lightning speed.

Multihomed BGP network, carrier grade data center
Hosted inside Equinix, IBX Secaucus datacenter, Fluid Hosting operates its own multi-homed BGP network, currently consisting of Internap and AboveNet, powered by Brocade RX-series router and Force10 access switches. With 20 Gbps current capacity, expandable to 80 Gbps, through extensive and diverse peering points through these networks, all traffic coming in and out of our network are guaranteed to travel on the shortest possible path, ensuring optimum reachability to your websites.

Unique Benefits
Our hosting solution comes with true multi domain hosting capabilities, allowing you to host more than one domain under the same account. Create mailboxes for each domain you host and use our powerful Anti Spam and Virus protection. Enable e-commerce for your site easily, and many more! AJAX, Ruby on Rails (Linux only), .NET 4.0 (Windows only) are all supported at no additional charge! Enjoy a complete hosting solution with many unique benefits!

Peace of Mind
You can now relax knowing that our daily backup system, pro-active continuous monitoring system, and reliable 24/7/365 support technicians will always make sure that your site is up and operating at peak efficiency. Read what our customers have to say about us. Read our customer testimonials and make the switch today! Get your peace of mind, be satisfied, be a part of us, today!
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H-Sphere Control Panel
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Dedicated Servers
01/03/2014: Fluid Hosting LLC releases new next generation Dedicated Servers in NY2 & NY4 at affordable prices. More here.

Network Upgrade (II)
06/05/2012: We have further completed our network upgrade. Each access switch is now connected to our core switch via 10 Gbps fiber.

Network Upgrade (I)
05/01/2012: We have completed our BGP network upgrade. Our BGP ntework now consists of Internap and AboveNet with a 20Gbps total capacity and is expandable to 80 Gbps.

CA Applogic
03/31/2012: We have signed a deal with CA Technologies to use Applogic to power our next generation cloud platform.

Unix Hosting


As Low As $12.50/month
Unix Hosting Features
  Windows Hosting


As Low As $15.00/month
Windows Hosting Features
  Dual Platform Reseller Hosting


As Low As $22.03/month
Reseller Hosting Features
  Linux VPS

Parallels Business Automation Standard VPS

As Low As $40.00/month
VPS Info - VPS Prices
  Dedicated Servers


As Low As $119/month
Dedicated Server Features

  AboveNet   Dell   Parallels   CA Technologies

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